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The gentle melancholy of autumn

When autumn comes it brings beautiful colors, colder weather and shorter days. We spend more time inside and so we also naturally go more inside ourselves. Autumn with its gentle melancholy is inviting us to slow down, sit in silence and give ourselves attention.

From time to time we may feel melancholic looking back at the year that is soon coming to an end. Sometimes we may feel sad. What to do in such a case?

Best thing is to allow ourselves to feel this way. It is OK to be sad or melancholic sometimes. If you feel like that you can also cry, it is a great relieve. In this time of the year old sadness may come out which was sitting there inside waiting to be released.

During the year we are sometimes too busy or not paying enough attention to ourselves so it has to wait for autumn, season that supports us to look inside and release what needs to be released.

Nowadays it feels like it is not popular, everyone is trying to be happy all the time. Even if they are not happy they at least pretend to be. Just look at the pictures people post on social media :) You know what, it is not natural. If you want to have balance in your life you have to accept and welcome all the feelings that you have and not just pick up some of them.

So if you feel sad one day, allow your self to feel this. Take a blanket, make your self a cup of tea and just let out everything that comes to you. Important is to give yourself love and attention that you need. It is very healing to let go of old sadness. This way we clean ourselves and create space for new exciting things to come our way.

It is also very good to talk to someone and share your feelings. At the moment when we share with our partner or a good old friend, we feel better in an instant. If you do this, trust me, next day you will feel much lighter.



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