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The Golden space

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The Golden Space -
with Fia & Peter


680 SEK


Date & Time

3,5 hours

24-06-18 16:00

About the Event

Welcome to a healing space that will work lovingly with opening your heart and anchoring the connection with your true essence. During our life we start dimming our inner light due to various unconscious programs telling us that we are not enough or that we are too much or some other reason why we cannot be truly ourselves. We start to believe that to be loved and appreciated we need to be a certain way. We take the ideas from our family, friends, society and create a belief of how we should be to fit in. We are simply afraid to be ourselves and the longer we live like this the more we lose the contact to our true essence. There is some silent inner voice which we hear sometimes telling us: “This is not me; this is not how I want to feel in my life.” It is like an inner call, where our soul is calling us to come back into contact with ourselves with who we really are. This is what the Golden Space does, it helps us to reestablish this connection to our soul, step into our true energy and start radiating our authentic essence.

Allow yourself to be gently guided to the whole true and shiny you!

This is a live event with Peter and Fia which we are going to hold for the second time. Feedback after our first Golden Space was very positive - participants experienced it as deeply transformational and gentle at the same time. Holding the same life changing vibrancy as the our other spaces - Peace Cocoon or online Ruby & Portal spaces. Golden space is filled with a lush honey like yet sparkly golden frequency. You don’t want to miss this wonderful transformative opportunity in Stockholm!

We welcome you with open hearts and open arms to join us!

When: 6/18 18.00-21.30

Where: Living Room, Rödabergsgatan 11, Stockholm

Investment: 680 SEK per person

Book your spot by clicking the button below:

Love from participants:

"Fia and Peter are magical - and when they join forces there are no bounds to what can happen! They create a safe space for healing that will take you beyond time and space and into your own soul. Letting you rest and heal, recharge and feel. Let them take you on a journey back to yourself and stillness and energy will be there for you to share!" ~ Cecilia

"Tack fina Peter och Fia för ett så fint hållet Golden Space! Det var så kraftfullt och samtidigt så mjukt.
När det kommer till att arbeta med energier och det inre arbetet så är det otroligt viktigt för mig att jag känner mig trygg. Golden Space var så fint hållet och genomarbetat, inifrån och ut. Jag kände hela tiden ett stort bultande kärleksfullt hjärta, ett ”Golden Space" som höll mig under hela kvällens resa. Under kvällen så bjöds det på två meditationer som var skapade för och till oss, just här och just nu. Magin i det är svår att slå."
~ Ylva-Li

"Jag är så tacksam att jag fick vara med på eventet Golden space och jag kan varmt rekommendera det. Att få omslutas av värme, kärlek och ljus i några timmar gjorde under och det bjöds på kraftfulla meditationer och fina delningar. Tack Peter och Fia" ~ Linda


Peter Svetik & Maria Iréne (Fia)

Peter Svetik & Maria Iréne (Fia)

Peter Svetik, IG/FB @Lifesouling
I guide people on their own path to spiritual awakening. As I am a medium I use my visions to guide you towards your true potential. I work with subconscious blocks from this life or past lives, communicate with souls, spiritual guides, energetical beings and do energy work 🙂 We will explore the world of unseen to find your hidden treasures. I call my method Lifesouling - sailing through your life guided by your soul. If you can hear the call of your soul I'm here to help guide you home.

Maria Iréne Fia IG @mariairenefia
I, Fia serve as an energy healer, intuitive guide and teacher who holds the vision of the new age. Where humans can exist in peaceful communion with each other and in harmony with nature and the whole. I see your truth and guide to free yourself from all that prevents you from expressing your full potential and living in freedom and joy. Channeling is done with love and care, you get tools to be able to see deeper, heal and grow from where you are on your journey. Energy work, healing techniques, meditation, pranayama (breathing), intuitive movement, liberating laughter, deep contact with nature and messages from the unseen dimensions are elements of the safe spaces I hold. You can also discover, develop and learn how to use your own healing abilities and intuitive gifts.

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