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Peace Cocoon

Full day retreat - Larssons lada, Nykvarn

Enjoy complete peace and exciting inner explorations!

Find peace with yourself and bring more harmony to your life. You don't always have to travel far to make great discoveries. Softly resting into your center can give you exactly what you are longing for!

Welcome to a peaceful, relaxed and at the same time transformative full day retreat with me & Maria Iréne Fia

Date & time: 5 Maj 2024 10.00-17.00

Place: Larssons lada, Nykvarn

Peace Cocoon



Date & Time

1550 SEK

7 hours

5/5/24, 8:00 AM

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The planet does not need
more successful people.
The planet desperately needs
more peacemakers, healers,
restorers, storytellers and
lovers of all kinds.

/Dalai Lama

Peace cocoon – Full day retreat

You will unwind in a soft embracing space, where you can let go of all tension. You will experience stillness in which you can rest and calm your mind, soothe your nervous system as well as cleanse your energetical body. In this safe and peaceful cocoon you can meet yourself to find out what is currently blocking the ease in your life and therefore needs to be released. What no longer serves you becomes crystal clear so it can be softly washed away like when melting snow and babbling spring streams purifies nature.

When that which is causing the tension is cleared out of the way, new life energy may flow in and ease will return. You can live your life with joy, lightness and freedom instead of obstacles going forward. You find peace with yourself and bring harmony into your life.

The goal is for you to unwind in a peaceful and relaxing space, find stillness and inner calm, release tensions, welcome harmony and to discover yourself in a whole new way.

You can look forward to:
• Gathering in the circle
• Guided meditations
• Soft healing
• Soft restorative yoga
• Herbal ceremonies
• Purifying & recalibrating energy
• Mindful movement
• Balanced & nutritious lunch
• Healthy fika & fruits
• Sharing & reflections


Healing energy

What makes this retreat so special is that we both work with subtle energy to help you land ease-fully into relaxation and move lovingly through your inner explorations.

This time we invite the healing energies of mother nature, pure life force, protection of the emerald, wisdom of the ancestors and guidance of spiritual animals. So that you can immerse in stillness and listen deeply to your inner voice. From the inner peace your intuitive knowing and true essence becomes crystal clear.


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Retreat program

Welcome circle

We open the retreat together with a warm welcoming circle and the first herbal ceremony.

Grounding meditation

Let yourself be guided into connection with earth and your inner landscape.


During the first pause you can have a piece of refreshing fruit and enjoy some time in solitude.

Restorative yoga & energy healing

Fia leads us through a very soft and relaxing restorative practice where healing energies help you find rest in body and mind.


Allowing the wisdom of earth and your body to be heard and listened to in a sharing. To transition slowly from your inner bubble and outwards to our mutual space.


Time to enjoy a very nourishing, tasty lunch and some beautiful soulful conversations.

Herbal ceremony

After lunch we come back into union with nature and help digestion through the second herbal tea ceremony.

Recalibrating meditation

Peter brings you into a world of pure magic with a multidimensional meditation. Probably unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is his superpower!

Group healing

After the meditation you are welcome to lie down to receive more healing energy channeled by Peter and Fia.


Space to share around the meditation and healing experience for clarity and wisdom to emerge.


Finally, what we all have waited for! A yummie fika.

Mindful movement

We know the importance of allowing new found insights to land in our bodies to easier integrate them in your everyday life. Therefore Fia offers a mindful embodiment through movement.

Peace for the Earth

After filling up all day we might have some goodness to share. So we send some of our peace out to people we care about and everyone on the planet.

Closing circle

We round of the day with a closing circle equally as lovely as the opening and the last herbal ceremony.


Retreat organizers

Peter Svetik & Maria Iréne (Fia)


Peter Svetik

Spiritual Guide, Creator of multidimensional spaces & jewelry activated with cosmic frequencies

I guide people on their own path to spiritual awakening. Being a medium, I use my visions to guide you towards your true potential. I work with subconscious blocks from this life or past lives, communicate with souls, spirit guides, energetic beings and do energy work 🙂 We will explore the invisible world to find your hidden treasures. I call my method Lifesouling – sailing through your life guided by your soul. If you can hear your soul's call, I am here to help guide you home. & FB/IG @lifesouling

Maria Iréne Fia

Intuitive healer, yoga & meditation teacher, course facilitator, mentor, ceremonial space holder, nature & adventure guide. Initiator of the collaborative project

I am an energy healer, intuitive guide and teacher who holds the vision of a better world. Where people can exist in peaceful communion with each other and in harmony with nature and wholeness. I see your truth and provide guidance so that you can free yourself from anything that prevents you from expressing your full potential and living in freedom and joy. Channeling is done with love and care, you get tools to be able to look deeper, heal and grow from where you are on your journey. I will also help you discover, develop, and learn how to use your own healing abilities and intuitive gifts. It is important to me to create the opportunity for all of us to meet in safe, accepting spaces and grow together!

Previously, I worked for over 10 years as a nature and adventure guide in various countries. As well as manager, coordinator of business training and with business development in Sweden. I am passionate about many things; sustainable living, connection to nature, growing organic food and healing herbs, meaningful relationships, creativity and of course my soul mission here on earth; to help you find your freedom and power. I hope to bring you a little more peace, depth, joy and authenticity during this retreat. & IG @mariairenefia

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About Larssons lada

Welcoming & cozy

Larssons lada is a cozy welcoming place for people to meet, a place where you can step in and immediately feel comfortable and brave enough to be yourself. A place to laugh and even cry. The bright, lovely yoga room awaits us!

Close to Stockholm

Larssons lada is located in a beautiful and bohemian setting in Taxinge/Nykvarn, about 45 minutes from Stockholm.

Amazing hosts

Our hosts, Malin & Lars-Petter are wonderful people with a beautiful vision who created the atmosphere in this lovely meeting place of Larsson lada. Making it a perfect setting for all kinds of retreats and events.

The food during the retreat

At Larssons lada they serve really healthy and balanced food and of course we will enjoy this during the retreat. In the morning there is a beautiful fruit tray and in the afternoon break there is a really yummie “fika”.

Let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requests and we will make sure there is a suitable option for you.

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”Fia and Peter are magical – and when they join forces there are no bounds to what can happen! They create a safe space for healing that will take you beyond time and space and into your own soul. Letting you rest and heal, recharge and feel. Let them take you on a journey back to yourself and stillness and energy will be there for you to share!”

/ Cecilia, Stockholm


Warm welcome to
Peace Coocon!

If you have any questions, get in touch

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