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Meet my trusted colleagues

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Maria Iréne Fia

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Energy healer, intuitive guide and teacher

Fia serves as an energy healer, intuitive guide and teacher who holds the vision of the new age. Where humans can exist in peaceful communion with each other and in harmony with nature and the whole. She sees your truth and gives guidance so that you can free yourself from all that prevents you from expressing your full potential and living in freedom and joy. Channeling is done with love and care, you get tools to be able to see deeper, heal and grow from where you are on your journey. Fia also helps you to discover, develop and learn how to use your own healing abilities and intuitive gifts. She holds safe, heartfelt and inspiring spaces where we can meet and evolve together!


She has previously worked over 10 years as a nature and adventure guide in different countries. As well as a manager, with business development and co-ordinator of corporate training in Sweden. “I am passionate about many things; sustainably living, connection to nature, growing organic food and healing herbs, meaningful relationships, creativity and of course both my soul mission here on Earth and helping you come into your power. I hope to be able to bring a little more serenity, depth, joy and authenticity to you and to this world”


If you are already a healer or energy worker who wants to assist Mother Earth we also welcome you to the co-created network, which Fia has initiated.




My name is Inga. I was born in Slovakia. My own self-development and self-healing journey started as I was living in Vienna, had my master’s degree done, had a boyfriend, a well-paid job, beautiful flat and still I could not get rid of the feeling I am unhappy and more and more frustrated every day. I had a feeling I was living somebody else’s life. After a few seminars and therapies, I understood the programs and structures that were controlling the direction of my life. I recognized I need to start looking for my happiness within myself instead of seeking it in the world around me. 


In the process of healing my life started to change. The more I processed the more I started to see the huge differences in all areas of my life, especially relationships. Very soon I started to feel a strong desire to show and help others who were in the similar situation. So, I started to talk to my friends and soon I understood that this is what I am supposed to do. I am here to help people to find the triggers and structures behind the (mostly unpleasant) situations and emotions they experience.

You can reach me at and we can take it from there.



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Hi my name is Ann-Mari Öhman


I facilitate personal transformation through leadership programs and individual coaching, currently online, through my company ”Soulguide by Ann-Mari”.


The framework I use is centered around our values; what is most important to us at any given point in time.

I believe that our values and our beliefs around them are important clues on our inner journey to becoming the person we came here to be. The full version, nothing less. Powerful, authentic and unique.


I have had the pleasure and honor to have given lectures, trained and facilitated thousands of people all over the world, using my values of curiosity, continuous learning and last but not least, trust.


If you are interested in creating transformation* for yourself and/or your team, send me an email and we’ll take it from there:


*IMPORTANT: A word of caution: Transformation means there is no going back to how things were before. True transformation is irreversible. Are you ready for the leap…?

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