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Life is flow and flow is life itself.

Everything in nature flows - water, wind, life, even rocks are changing in time. Lesson that was shown to me today was how we humans fear the flow.

We fear the flow because it also means letting go of things, letting go of people, relationships, places... We fear the change and learn to look for security in keeping things as they are. With this, however, we block the flow, not allowing anything new come to our lives. This causes suffering as what we are longing for is not coming to us and what no longer serves us can not be released. If we stop water from flowing we change living water to death water. If we stop the flow in our lives we start slowly dying inside. By fearing the flow we fear the life itself.

What are you afraid to let go in your life?

What is stopping you to start living the life you have been longing for?

Listen to your heart and open it to the flow of life. Release what needs to be released and welcome the new. Stop creating stagnation by resisting the change. Learn how to dance with life, dance with nature, connect to the flow and feel free again.




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