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Talking to the wisdom keepers

At beginning of this week a silent meditation with the intention of nourishment took me back to when I was a baby in my mom's womb. I felt nourished, safe and loved. Then I saw orcas and started to swim with them in the ocean. They communicated with me and showed me that they have chosen to be water animals because they feel a closer contact with mother Earth, just like babies do in the womb. We swam to a sacred place in the ocean where they like to meet, the place has a strong healing energy and I felt blessed to be able to be there with them.

Then I saw myself sitting under a tree on a cliff on the west coast of Canada. This was a place where I used to meet the orcas and communicate with them. They told me when we should move to avoid a forest fire which will be started by lightning. When someone was sick they showed what will heal them and where can I find it. I shared with them all that I have learned during the time since we met last, they were our wisdom keepers. They told me where we can move to find the nourishment and keep the balance in nature. They showed me what we should fight for and what we should let go. When my time came in that life, they we waiting for me. My soul went for a last swim with them before I headed off to meet the ancestors. I felt love and a strong sense of belonging with the orcas, they were my family and they always will be.

The wisdom keepers showed me that they are still trying to communicate with the human kind, but no one listens anymore. They showed me that humankind never had so much nourishment as we have now, but at the same time we have never been so hungry as we are now. What makes us humans hungry is the lack of love. We are missing love and belonging, the feeling of connection. Unfortunately we try to drive away this hunger by wrong means. We try to fill the empty space in our hearts by material goods, but this does not work and therefore it is never enough. We want more and more and more. We are still hungry. We compete and fight for land, money, for the material stuff... The cause of all our problems is actually so simple, it is the lack of love.

What we as a humankind need is more love and belonging, feeling of connection. We need to start listening again. Listening to our hearts, to one another, to Mother nature and to the wisdom keepers.

With love to all of you might read this


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