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What makes us happy?

I think the big difference in general feeling of happiness is enjoying the small things in life. Spending time with our near and the dear ones. Walking through an autumn forest on a sunny day.

I love the amazing colors of autumn and the smell of fallen leaves. I love to sit somewhere warm and enjoy a cup of tea with some sweet cake after a walk on a cold day.

I love walking through the old town, looking at the houses and their architecture. Watching people passing by, feeling the atmosphere of the place. Looking at the sky, trees, flowers, lakes and the sea. I love being a part of this beautiful world.

Besides enjoying the small things in life happy people have in common some of the following:

- they find time to relax;

- they do not care too much what others think, they follow their own ideas and dreams;

- they do not agree to things that they do not really want to do and they say what they think;

- they show their feelings - they cry sometimes and they show when they are angry;

- they have friends that support them;

- they feel thankful for all the good things in their lives;

- they know that one can not plan everything and when sad things happen they think of what they can learn from it;

- they continue to learn whole life from their mistakes;

And what makes you happy? I'm sure that if you start to think about those things you will have a smile on your face and you will have a nicer day right away. That is the goal of this article :)



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