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Don't forget your mirror!

No matter where we go we always take our mirrors with us. What mirrors? Human mirrors - people that are mirroring the imbalances that we have within us.

Who is your mirror? Anyone who annoys you. Make a list of people who make you feel uncomfortable. What is it about these persons that irritates you? Which of their characteristics?

If you have a list of characteristics that you do not like on others, you can start working. Every character feature that we find irritating on others we do not have in balance ourselves. That is the principle of mirroring.

What does it mean? Imbalance means that we tend to one or other extreme. The mirror person has either the same extreme as you or the opposite extreme of the same character feature.

If for e.g. lazy people irritate you - you might be a workaholic, not allowing your self to get some rest from time to time. The other option is that you are lazy your self - maybe procrastinating too much and seeing someone else being like you makes you feel bad.

Question to ask is: "What does this person teach me about myself?" If you have the answer, you can start working on bringing this character trait into balance. How do you know if you have succeeded? Just look "into the mirror" :) Be patient, be nice and kind to yourself during the process. Wish you good luck.



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