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The masks that we wear

All of us learn to wear masks in our lives so that nobody can see how we really feel or even who we really are. Why is that so? Why do we fear to express ourselves?

I think that it is a fear of denial. We fear that the others will not like us the way we are. We should be happy and strong and never sad or anxious. Over the years we learn to hide our true feelings. We become actors in own little performance.

We pretend to be happy when we are sad, we pretend to be confident when we are insecure, we pretend to be calm when we are nervous and so it goes on and on. Look at the masks that people have on social media. Everyone is just smiling, pretending to have the happiest life, but is that really so?

The thing is that we get lost in this never ending game. In our lives full of masks and pretending we may loose ourselves. We loose the connection and forget who we really are or how we really feel. We create distance. Distance to others and distance to our true selves.

How would that really be if is we are authentic? People will not deny us, they will feel good in our presence since they will feel that we are not hiding anything, that we do let them see us for who we really are. They will feel that they can stop pretending as well and just be as they are and as they feel. We we will create closeness and intimacy.

Throw away the mask that you are wearing and you will see that you will feel relieved. It is like a big stone falling of the chest. Be authentic, be free and embrace life.



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