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The inner beauty

Thanks to my work I have a chance to speak with many people. They talk about their sorrows, their regrets, struggles and wounds. They tell me what are their dreams, who they care for and how much love they have to give. They open up, show their vulnerability. They tell me the stories of their lives.

I'm very grateful for these precious moments of sharing. I'm so happy that I can see people for who they really are. What I see is beauty that lies inside waiting to be seen.

And so we start healing the wounds, letting go of fears and regrets, forgiving what needs to be forgiven and getting rid of all the believes that no longer serve them. Is is like removing all the old and heavy stuff to clear the way.

Once the way is clear, people can see themselves for who they really are. They see their inner beauty like in a magical mirror. They see the light inside and can let it shine.

So why is the beauty usually hidden for a long time? We can not see our own beauty due to the wounds that we carry. Others can not see our beauty because we do not let them. We dot not show who we really are because we feel exposed, we feel vulnerable, we fear to be hurt or to be rejected.

We pretend that everything is fine even if it is not. We pretend that we are ok even if we are hurt and feel pain. We believe that it is the way to show that we are strong. Is it really strong to pretend that we can not be hurt? Doesn't it take much more courage to show our vulnerability?

If we dare to show our true feelings, we show how loving and caring we are. We let others see our beauty and they can help us to see it too.



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