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Healing sounds

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Sound is a magical instrument that we all can use to heal ourselves and others. We can use our voice or we can use some musical instrument to create something amazing. Combining positive intension from our mind, love from our heart and sound coming from our body creates a powerful mixture that can do miracles.

Sound can touch your heart and invite your soul to a beautiful journey. While our soul is traveling through the world of dreams, our body can relax and re-vibrate to the healing vibrations of the music coming through our ears and cells.

It can be a piano, Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, beautiful singing voice or something else that can bring you to a place that feels like home. Your heart starts burning and a your eyes get wet from the tears of joy. Gentle touch of another human being creating something so graceful feels like a celebration of humanity.

Gentle sounds created by mother nature can be our inspiration. Singing birds welcoming the sun in the morning, rustling trees or sea waves striking the beach are all healing sounds of nature. It feels like the nature is talking to you saying that you are loved and everything is all right.

The sound that we use every day is our voice. How do you use yours? What kind of energy and intentions do you put into your words when you speak? What kind of world are you creating with your voice? Let's use our voices to heal. Let's heal ourselves, let's heal others, let's heal the world.



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