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Finding balance

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We all try to find the balance in life and we all find at times. Sitting in nature and meditating is amazing and healing for our souls. In such situations we can feel the inner peace and balance. How about everyday life? How can we keep our balance in everyday life?

There are more aspects that create a balanced life. Today I want to focus on one of them - being authentic. Society and parents usually teach us what we can and can not do or say in certain situations. You can not do this, you can not do that... In the end we learn what we can do to meet the expectations of our parents, teachers, friends and society. If we do people are nice to us and we fit in.

Unfortunately we learn not be ourselves. We learn not to be authentic. Many of the the patterns of behavior are necessary, but many are not. When someone hearts us we should not show it because we have to be strong. I'm not saying that you should start yelling at someone that hurt you, but pretending that everything is fine is also not the solution.

So what about being more authentic and just saying how do we feel. For e.g.: "The thing that you are saying right now is hurting me." Expressing ourselves is what we need to do if we want to have a balanced life.

If there is a situation where there was imbalance we keep coming back to this situation replaying it in our minds over and over again. And as we do that we feel bad because we feel the imbalance. So what is the solution?

Use it to work for you. Once such a situation comes back to your mind get into it and change it, rewrite it. Find a reaction that is more expressive in case you underreacted or less expressive in case you overreacted. In other words find a reaction that is just accurate for you. Find your balanced reaction.

If you do this regularly the balanced reaction easier and easier to find. In the end this kind of reaction will become your new habit and you will start to have directly in the interactions / situations with others. There will be no more situations to come back to and your mind will be at peace. This way you can bring more balance into your life. Wish all the best my dear.



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