are you longing for change in your life? I can help you Course correct.


ABOUT lifesouling

What is Lifesouling? How would you explain the taste of chocolate to someone who has never had it? The easiest way is to just try it. The same applies to Lifesouling. 

Anyway, I will try to give you some impression of what to expect. It is my own spiritual technique that is nice and easy to use. We will work with your emotions and imagination. Important is that you are the one who will be working. My job is to guide you. This way you will connect with your soul and find your true potential. You will see that it is you and only you that can make miracles in your life. Technique is somewhere between spiritual healing and a therapy session. I attune to your energies and guide you with the help of my visions. In the session we will get deep to the root of your problem and rewrite the program that is written in your subconscious. Your energies will change and you will feel different in the next days. I hope my explanation helped a bit, however as I said before, the best is just to try and see for yourself, you are just a few clicks away.



In the morning on my 30th birthday I looked into the mirror straight into my eyes and started crying. Why? I realized that I was not happy. When I was a kid I thought that by the time I will be 30 I will have arranged everything in my life the way I liked it. I thought that when I turn 30 I will be a happy man. I wasn't and I started to worry if I ever will be. I had spent 30 years of my life doing everything that was supposed to make me happy and I did not succeed. I had a beautiful apartment, great job, great family and friends, but still something was missing and I did not know what it was. If I haven't managed to find happiness in 30 years will I be able to do it in the next 30? What if I won't? Those were the questions in my head. I took a long journey into myself to find the true me and to find out what it is that my soul is longing for. I have changed the relationship to my parents, to my family, to my friends and most importantly to myself. As it turned out working as a regional CFO in a big international corporation did not make me happy any more so I left my job. Deep desire to live close to the sea and up north made me leave my country and start a new life in Sweden. It was a lovely and very interesting journey to get to know myself, my desires and change my life accordingly. I did succeed and today I can say that I feel freedom, fulfillment and peace in my life. My wish now is to help others on the same journey.


Peter Svetik



How I Can Help You

During more then 9 years of working with spiritual healing and self-development I have created my own way of working. I call it Lifesouling - sailing through your life guided by your soul. It means that the goal is that you reconnect with your soul. You will start changing your life and creating a reality that corresponds your true essence. This will bring you inner piece and happiness.

I have helped many people with various kinds of struggles from general feeling of unhappiness, burnouts, issues with self confidence, sleeping problems to better relationships with the close ones. No matter the issue, you already have all the answers within you and I will help you find them.

Let's make your life a story worth telling.

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You are always one decision away from a completely different life




Svenska: En behaglig och känslosam session som hjälpte mig att öppna upp och komma åt min sårbarhet och några blockeringar som bidragit till stress senaste tiden. 


Peter hade ett respektfullt och öppet sätt vilket för mig är viktigt för att kunna slappna av och tillgodogöra mig av vägledning. Varma rekommendationer! 


English: A pleasant and emotional session that helped me open up and access my vulnerability and some blockages that have contributed to stress recently.


Peter had a respectful and open way, which for me is important to be able to relax and utilize guidance. My warm recommendations!



The session with Peter was very encouraging. He used intuition and visualization to help me to work on situations which have been subconsciously affecting me for a large part of my life, and to uncover more of the deep potential that lies inside waiting to come out.

Thank you Peter!



I truly appreciated my experience with Peter. I did not expect the session to be so profound and intense – we really touched on some deep, well-hidden and sometimes unconscious, internal conflicts I had. It helped me face them and take actions to align my actions with my being. Thank you again – Gen