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ABOUT lifesouling

Lifesouling is a journey deep inside your soul to find your true essence, to re-establish the connection with your genuine nature. We do have this connection when we come to this world, but later on, unfortunately, most of us loose it. We are being brought up by our families and societies, shaped by experiences. We create subconscious programs that condition our behaviour and often stop us from being ourselves, stop us from living our full potential. We are chasing the happiness by trying to achieve things, but there is always a gap which we never really manage to fill. It feels like something is always missing. What we are really missing is the connection to ourselves, our true essence. This is what Lifesouling is for. Do you feel the call?



In the morning on my 30th birthday I looked into the mirror straight into my eyes and started crying. Why? I realized that I was not happy. When I was a kid I thought that by the time I will be 30 I will have arranged everything in my life the way I liked it. I thought that when I turn 30 I will be a happy man. I wasn't and I started to worry if I ever will be. I had spent 30 years of my life doing everything that was supposed to make me happy and I did not succeed. I had a beautiful apartment, great job, great family and friends, but still something was missing and I did not know what it was. If I haven't managed to find happiness in 30 years will I be able to do it in the next 30? What if I won't? Those were the questions in my head. I took a long journey into myself to find the true me and to find out what it is that my soul is longing for. I have changed the relationship to my parents, to my family, to my friends and most importantly to myself. As it turned out working as a regional CFO in a big international corporation did not make me happy any more so I left my job. Deep desire to live close to the sea and up north made me leave my country and start a new life in Sweden. It was a lovely and very interesting journey to get to know myself, my desires and change my life accordingly. I did succeed and today I can say that I feel freedom, fulfillment and peace in my life. My wish now is to help others on the same journey.


Peter Svetik



How I Can Help You

During more then 10 years of working with spiritual healing and self-development I have created my own way of working. I call it Lifesouling - sailing through your life guided by your soul. It means that the goal is that you reconnect with your soul. You will start changing your life and creating a reality that corresponds your true essence. This will bring you inner piece and happiness.

I have helped many people with various kinds of struggles from general feeling of unhappiness, burnouts, issues with self confidence, sleeping problems to better relationships with the close ones. No matter the issue, you already have all the answers within you and I will help you find them.

How does this work? On individual sessions we embark on a journey that is very intuitive and suited to your energies. Session is in a form of a conversation during which I attune to your energies and guide you. We will work with subconscious blocks from this life or past lives, we will communicate with your soul, your spiritual guides and much more. We will explore the world of unseen to find your hidden treasures.

Let's make your life a story worth telling.

I'm looking forward to our journey :)

Session available in these languages: English, Svenska, Deutsch, Slovensky

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You are always one decision away from a completely different life



Svenska: Jag vill bara tacka dig Peter för en livsomvälvande session. Du hjälpte mig skifta perspektiv i en hopplös situation och det känns som att livet tog en annan vändning, åt det ljusare och bättre. Och att få känna sig så sedd och hållen… det du gör är MAGISKT.

English: I just want to thank you Peter for a life changing session. You helped me change my perspective in a hopeless situation and it feels like life took a different turn, for the brighter and better. And to feel so seen and held... what you do is MAGICAL.


Deutsch: Ein wundervolles, bahnbrechendes Coaching mit medialem Channeling, das mir die Verstrickungen meines Lebens, und im Besonderen der letzten drei Jahre, aufzeigte oder noch besser gesagt, erklärte.

Welch eine Erlösung durfte sich in mir breit machen und den Energieschub für meinen nächsten großen Schritt geben.

Ich habe verstanden.

Zutiefst dankbar bin ich für das erhebende, zugewandte und aus der Herzensliebe sprechende Coaching mit Peter. 

Herzlichst, Carola

English: A wonderful, groundbreaking coaching with channeling that showed or, better yet, explained to me the entanglements of my life, and in particular of the last three years. What a release was allowed to spread within me and give the energy boost for my next big step. I have understood. I am deeply grateful for the uplifting, approachable and heartfelt coaching with Peter

Heartfelt, Carola


Svenska: En behaglig och känslosam session som hjälpte mig att öppna upp och komma åt min sårbarhet och några blockeringar som bidragit till stress senaste tiden. 


Peter hade ett respektfullt och öppet sätt vilket för mig är viktigt för att kunna slappna av och tillgodogöra mig av vägledning. Varma rekommendationer! 


English: A pleasant and emotional session that helped me open up and access my vulnerability and some blockages that have contributed to stress recently.


Peter had a respectful and open way, which for me is important to be able to relax and utilize guidance. My warm recommendations!



The session with Peter was very encouraging. He used intuition and visualization to help me to work on situations which have been subconsciously affecting me for a large part of my life, and to uncover more of the deep potential that lies inside waiting to come out.

Thank you Peter!


I truly appreciated my experience with Peter. I did not expect the session to be so profound and intense – we really touched on some deep, well-hidden and sometimes unconscious, internal conflicts I had. It helped me face them and take actions to align my actions with my being. Thank you again – Gen


I had a very healing journey with Peter.

He helped me to get clarity about my situation through a beautiful intuitive process which helped me to connect better with myself.

I felt safe and held during the whole process.

I have now reached a new level of openness in my heart and in my life. I feel more at ease and calm with some part of myself and in my reflection.

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