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The Northern Lights healing energy pendant is connected to the energies of the Northern Lights and frozen waters / ice crystals. The energies are anchored to the green tourmaline and other helping crystals in the pendant. The energies of Northern Lights are calming and protective. Northern Lights connect us to the wisdom from other planets 🪐 and galaxies, even to our own wisdom across time and space✨.


The pendant helps us find the answers and directions at times of doubt. It helps us find the way to align with our inner truth. What no longer serves you becomes crystal clear💎💫.


Frozen waters / ice crystals ❄️ help with the inner purification process. They guide you to stillness and peace - peace with yourself, peace with others and peace with life itself. Just like big icebergs - only a small part is visible above the waterline while the rest is hidden below the surface in the depths of the ocean. Many things in our lives are hidden below the surface in the depths of our emotions and need to be seen.


What do I need to look at? What do I need to see? What pattern, behavior, relationship is not serving me well and why? Where in my life am I accepting less than I deserve? How can I get back in harmony? ❄️


Let the purity of the ice crystals combined with the protection, gentleness and wisdom of the Northern Lights help you on your healing journey.


💕 💫


*Stainless steel chain in silver color included - 45 cm

Healing energy pendant - Northern lights oval

  • Size: 4 x 3 cm, thick 0,5 cm

    Material - transparent expoxy resin

    Main crystal is Green tourmaline with smaller Clear quartz and light green Jadeite.

    Chain - stainless steel in silver color - 45 cm long, measures: 2x1,5x0,3mm

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