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The Golden Space energy healing pendant works lovingly with opening your heart and anchoring the connection with your true essence 💫.


During our life we start dimming our inner light 🎇 due to various unconscious programs telling us that we are not enough or that we are too much or some other reason why we cannot be truly ourselves. We start to believe that to be loved 💞 and appreciated we need to be a certain way. We take the ideas from our family, friends, society and create a belief of how we should be to fit in. We are simply afraid to be ourselves and the longer we live like this the more we lose the contact to our true essence 🧚‍♀️. There is some silent inner voice which we hear sometimes telling us: “This is not me; this is not how I want to feel in my life.” It is like an inner call, where our soul is calling us to come back into contact with ourselves with who we really are.


This is what the Golden Space energy healing pendant 🌟 does, it helps us to reestablish this connection to our soul, step into our true energy and start radiating our authentic essence.
Lush honey like
🍯 yet sparkly golden frequency 💫 heals what is blocking you from becoming the true authentic expression of your soul essence. You will be gently brought back to the whole true and shiny you 🌟.


*Stainless steel chain in golden color included - 45 cm

Healing energy pendant - Golden Space oval

900,00 krPrice
  • Size: 2,5 cm in diameter, thick 0,5 cm

    Material - transparent expoxy resin

    Main crystal is light blue Aquamarine with smaller Clear quartz, green Tourmaline and pink Tourmaline.

    Chain - stainless steel in golden color - 45 cm long, measures: 2x1,5x0,3mm

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