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The Ruby Space healing energy pendant is connected to the energies of the Ruby Space. The energies are anchored to the Ruby crystal and other helping crystals in the pendant. It works with unconditional love for you to soften your heart chakra and help it open more to receiving love. You will be gently embraced by the crystalline ruby frequencies supporting the root and heart chakra 💕.


Unconditional love ðŸ’• is very healing for your emotional body and soothing for your nervous system. It is very good if you want to be softer and more loving to yourself, it will gently support you on your self-love journey.

The pendant helps you connect with ancestor energies. Your ancestors and the wise ones who walked this earth before us. Allowing generational patterns or traumas to be dissolved and healed in the ocean of love. For you, for all generations previous and all generations to come. With compassion and acceptance and only if this is something that is for your highest good in this moment. ðŸ’«


Pendant is very good for relaxation and sleep. The unconditonal love ðŸ’• calms down the nervous system and brings a feeling of safety. The energies 💫 work also with your root chakra and help you feel grounded and held. Grounding will calm down your mind and you will be drawnt to the present moment insted of  being lost in your thoughts.


*Stainless steel chain in golden color included - 45 cm

Healing energy pendant - Ruby Space round 3 cm

  • Size: 3 cm in diameter, thick 0,5 cm

    Material - transparent expoxy resin

    Main crystal is Ruby with smaller Clear quartz and pink Tourmaline.

    Chain - stainless steel in golden color - 45 cm long, measures: 2x1,5x0,3mm

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